Often with doubt and dishonesty lurking in every corner of every industry , caught moles may be required to be left as proof of the completed task for the customer.
Mole disposal bags are heavy duty - self seal purpose size black bags that will enable proof of the capture to be made in a discreet and professional way.
It may not always be necessary to provide evidence for the removal of mole/s but should you be required to retain the evidence, then these will present a considerate and compassionate attitude to your work.
Multiple numbers on large works may not require bagging but disposal by burial or burning but for the concerned domestic client these are the perfect choice.
The evidential mole sealed in these bags enables the householder to place in the household waste in a hygienic and acceptable way. In today's modern world it is often no longer accepted that moles should be tied to fence and gates as by our predecessors . It is important to present your personal professional attitude towards traditional mole catching from the start to finish and these simple bags will project final testimony of your honest, proficient and specialised service to your clients.

sold in packs of 25