Having spent the time locating that elusive tunnel, carefully digging down for the perfect trap placement many make one simple mistake, they tap the tunnel floor with the back of the hand, or worst still the T shaped handle of a gas application probe. Yes often it will be necessary to clean out the loose soil and then smooth the tunnel base., but at times many operators can be a little heavy handed.
To address this the Mole Runner can be the turn to tool. This simple addition to the mole catchers kit will assist in ensuring the tunnel floor remains as the mole expects to find it.
Originally created by Jeff Nicholls from his study of the behaviour of moles ,the Mole Runner will prepare the tunnel prior to trap placement without causing any changes to the base or trap entry. The Mole Runner from its weight and design requires no force just a gentle rocking in the tunnel to gently set the soil as the mole will expect to find it. 

The Mole Runner will not allow soil to cling and dry to it ,creating a rough surface. Made from industrial products it will remain apart of the mole catcher armoury that can be the difference to a catch or not.
Not always necessary for use -   but handy to have to hand when required

Available from the Talpa Products store