Marking your positioned traps is important, often it may not always be acceptable to mark traps due to the risk of tampering from a third party but in circumstances where traps are required to be identified , then you must do so both safely and effectively. A marker is what it is- a marker so must be visible or it defeats the object.

The Talpa Products markers are clear identification to your positioned trap. White with a vibrant red top they prominently stand out even in winter conditions, providing a clear indication to other users that may be working or using those areas.

They offer no choking hazards to livestock as with plastic tapes and will not become entangled in machinery as with bent wire shapes. 

They will not damage lawns as with paint marking, 

At 500mm they are clearly visible even in long grass and amongst flower borders and beds making trap location easy in all locations and circumstances

These markers are both flexible and maintainable providing many years of service
Excellent for monitoring not just your trap locations but also numbers of traps used

Mole traps can be marked with a simple white painted top hazel twig, but if it is the professional look you require then these are perfect.

Discreet service is important when dealing with animal management and on many occasions marking traps can be achieved without prominent indication, those times it is required to display a trap position, be professional, be prepared and have markers that will make your statement for you.

To purchase these trap markers go to the shop via the link below Trap markers sold in a pack of 5